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DBT Emotion Regulation Skills


This group is second group of a three-part series on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills; and what is Dialectics?  Dialectics is the synthesis of opposites, and how what may appear to be opposites can coexist.  This treatment was first coined by Marsha Linehan a clinical psychologist in 1993.  This treatment has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most effective evidence-based treatments.

Emotion Regulation Skills are strategies to learn how more of how we feel emotions, how we experience emotions, and how we act when we experience emotions.   This group we will focus on introductory mindfulness skills, understanding & labeling emotions, checking the facts, opposite reaction, problem solving, positive emotions, values & priorities, and self-care skills to help regulate our emotions.

Group Facilitator:
Hayden Cruz LCSW
Wednesdays at 4:00PM, April 3rd through May 29th on Telehealth
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