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DBT Distress Tolerance Skills


This group is first group of a three-part series on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills; and what is Dialectics?  Dialectics is the synthesis of opposites, and how what may appear to be opposites can coexist.  This treatment was first coined by Marsha Linehan a clinical psychologist in 1993.  This treatment has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most effective evidence-based treatments.

In this group we will focus on introductory mindfulness skills,  "Crisis Survival Skills"; the pros and cons, distracting skills such as self-soothing and improving the moment, reality acceptance, willingness, half-smiling, willing hands, and mindfulness of thoughts.

Group Facilitator:
Hayden Cruz LCSW
Wednesdays at 4:00PM, January 7th through March 27th on Telehealth
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