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We understand that life's storms can sometimes be overwhelming and we end up in places we do not want to be. 
about us
Our Approach is based on an Integrative Wellness Model

"We look for the cause,  not just fix the symptoms"


A common approach to mental health treatment is to identify the symptoms and then use medications.

For example, if you are depressed, you get a prescription for an antidepressant medication.  


Our approach, which incorporates an extensive medical and lifestyle evaluation,  often reveals that mental health symptoms are actually due to medical issues, psychological issues, medication side-effects, vitamin deficiencies, food sensitivities and other issues.

We are here to help

The most effective way to help a person begin to heal is by focusing on their strengths and assisting them to harness their available resources, while getting their symptoms under control.  We strive to take a wise, balanced and integrative approach.  We look at the all treatment options and optimize your wellness.

At Rena Ferguson MD PC, our professional, licensed clinicians are trained in the latest methods and tools to help assist you to get back on the right course. 

Please take your time to review the information in this site and understand our approach and staff.  If this is one that you value, make an appointment and we can discuss your personalize treatment plan. Let us help you to find that comfortable journey you deserve.

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