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Susan Walton NPP


Susan has a Master’s in Nursing, with special emphasis on Youths at Risk. Through her work experience and personal journey with the daughter she adopted, she knows the challenges and triumphs for children and parents alike.

No situation is too absurd or shameful for Susan. She has worked in psychiatric emergency rooms, substance rehabilitation facilities, and with the chronically mentally ill.  She is focused and does not ask for much.  She does not air condition her home because she is from rugged Montana and the Long Island humidity is irrelevant to her.  She has bigger issues to tackle. From the way she dresses to the way she works, she is direct, unfussy and able to put the important information in the front and other details in the background.  This is particularly helpful in her work with adolescents because teens are a different breed (let’s face it) and she understands that.  She can help them see what is important now and what will be important to their lives moving forward. When she works with adults, her emphasis may shift, but she still imparts a clarity of thought that makes you feel guided and understood.

Port Jefferson, NY


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