TMS Testimonials

"I went into it expecting to get nothing out of it as that has generally been my experience with treatments since being diagnosed with depression 12 years ago. I gradually felt positive changes over the first two months and I was honestly shocked that it worked.  I feel more optimistic about living a fulfilling life, I'm doing more things I enjoy, reconnecting with friends, leaving my apartment more regularly. TMS has made a noticeable change in how I cope with depression vs. years of failed medication treatments."

"Mood much better, better outlook, less fights with my family. Happier."

"I feel amazing. Before TMS it seemed I was never really part of what was happening. Now I feel as though I am living life for the first time that I can remember! The best thing to come my way in a long time! Thank you! "

"I have been getting up with a brighter outlook on life and I am starting to reclaim my life." 

"I wake up with a much better attitude and look forward to the day. Hope has returned in my life. "

~ I got my normal, happy, relaxed life back because of TMS treatments. I am feeling great. I call it my "mental miracle" that restored me to my normal healthy lifestyle. I am very grateful for TMS.

"Dear Dr. Ferguson and Caroline, I just wanted you to know how much better ****** is. She is totally off meds (her own choice) and in her words "fabulous!". It was a little scary after she finished the treatment and we thought of the possibility of ECT. She began tapering off her meds. A couple of weeks later she began feeling better. Thank you!"

"***** was on high doses of medication and therapy and nothing was working for her. We chose TMS after much research and during her TMS treatments she was still on medications. Since completing TMS, she is now off all medications and no longer feeling depressed, cutting herself or suicidal."

"I am happier, enjoy more things and feel better about life and myself."

"I feel better about myself and have learned how to get myself to feel better through breathing and tension exercises. Caroline was a great help with this and hints on how to get rid of bad thoughts. "

"First, I want to say that I am honored to have the chance to write this testimonial on the tremendous effect TMS© Therapy has had on my battle with depression. It was about a year ago when I walked into Dr. Ferguson’s office for the first time. I had been to dozens of doctors prior and came with a discerning mind set. Almost immediately I felt at ease with Dr. Ferguson. She actually listened with empathy and was interested in my story instead of my “diagnosis”. Behind the doctor was a chair. It looked like a dentist’s chair with an odd head piece. To be completely honest it was a bit concerning. Immediately I asked Dr. Ferguson what it was. She began to explain what TMS© Therapy was. Her explanation went right over my head but I was intrigued and took the information she gave me to read. From that point on is when I started to win the battle with my depression.

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder when I was twenty-two years old but had been suffering from devastating mood swings from the age of fifteen. I suffered with eating disorders, alcohol and substance abuse, and suicidal ideation continuously. I was hospitalized three times. I was able to go to school and keep a job but my depression made my life unbearable most of the time. I was put on what seemed like every type of drug that exists. Sometimes they would work for a month or two but I would wind up spiraling back down once the medication stopped working. Sometimes they would make me manic which created financial disaster and destroy relationships. This was the general picture of my life until TMS©. I must be honest and say that I had my doubts but at that point I was willing to try anything.

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel when I am able to say that I have gone from taking five different types of medications for my depression and anxiety to two. I am also on lower doses of those medications than I have ever been since I started taking medication. I am clean and sober, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight. I have gained the confidence to start my own practice that I had been struggling to do for months. Seven months! I have been suffering for over fifteen years and in seven months my life was given back to me. I am still not sure how “the chair” works but I am not so interested in the mechanics anymore, only the miracles."

"I work a stressful job and balance that with family life and all activities associated with having active kids. My depression was severe – it affected my work, home and social life. My first episode of depression started in January of 2008 and was ongoing for almost a year before I started TMS Therapy. I decided on TMS Therapy because medications had too many side effects and didn’t seem to work. TMS Therapy treatment seemed promising. Once you commit to it, you see the difference fairly quickly. Once I started seeing the results, I was encouraged and felt good about the treatment. 10 treatments into the program, I felt happier, started thinking more positively – I feel like I have returned to the way I felt before I became depressed."

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